Thursday, December 31, 2009


That's it. Don't look at me like you don't get it.

Progression of a This...

art: Tommy Howarth
photo: J-ROD

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is Too Much of a Good Thing Really Bad?

I just got back from my buddy Tony's house. We were watching 300 and got hungry, so we thought it'd be a good idea to get some food. We ended up 3 blocks away from Tony's, at a place called Hong Kong Kitchen Inc.

The place itself was rather small and private. It might be a decent place to take someone to lunch.We caught the lunch special as it was ending (at 4pm), and checked the menu out.
Tony went tradition 'Chinese food' style like most people and got the orange flavored chicken, which looked and tasted good.

I ordered the next traditional order that most of us get: the beef with broccoli plate w/ an order of fried wantons for us to share.

Over all, the quality was good. It wasn't amazing in any sense. And I wouldn't say that Panda Express should watch their back either.
I ate the entire plate and most of the wantons. If anyone is thinking that's too much food, then you're absolutely right. Way too much. But oh well. It was tasty.
2.5 out of 5 stars.

2009 in Pictures...

These are just a few pictures either taken by me, or taken off the internet by me... because I like them. Cheers.

Tattood Women, and the Men That Love Them.

I've been a fan of beautiful women since I was a wee lad. I've also been a fan of tattoos for quite a while, sporting a few myself. But when you mix the two elements together, you get a work of art that the universe has painted with its delicate finger tips. For some reason, I can't get enough of these super-hot, tattooed beauties.
When I talk about hot girls with tattoos, one specifically comes to mind: Kat Von D (pictured above). Not only is she a total BABE covered in tattoos, she's also an amazing tattoo artist herself. And, what makes her even more special is the fact that she's Argentine (via her parents), but she was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, which I don't care too much about. Just stoked she's Argentine.
Kat is just one of the many tattoo baring babes out there in LA, and the world. I don't think I'll ever lose my love for these specific breed of women. yummm.


I saw this earlier this morning... I think it was on the Dirty ( and I almost died. Heaven in the flesh? Yes. Although I can't see her face/front side at all, I have to assume this girl is a 10. I don't know who she is, but I hope one day, she knows who I am. Call me boo boo.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Brooklyn at Night

There isn't anything special about this photo. It was taken by Joshua Pressman ( when him and I used to live in Brooklyn in early to mid 2008. There's something about this photo that makes you stop and really look at it, and I don't mean me posing in the back. It's just a good picture. I tried to remember what we were doing that night. We might've been walking all over BK until going to see MGMT (before they were famous) play at some random little venue that no one's ever heard of. And we also most likely ended up at Pete's Candy Store, which was directly across the street from where we lived. I loved that bar and neighborhood so much. This picture reminds me of that time in my life.

Canada Did Something Right

This is Lights. Canadian singer/song writer who is featured on some random commercials that have nothing to do with her or her music. All I can say is: good job Canada. You finally got something right. Keep up the good work!

Hang-over Cure or Nightmare?

Yesterday morning, after a hard night of shenanigans, I went to eat something hearty to cure my awful hang-over. I ended up at The Halfway House (in Santa Clarita, on the way to Agua Dulce). Don't ask me why I was in that neck of the woods. Anyway, I ordered the Eggs Benedict, which i usually LOVE whilst sober... or high. But eating that usually delicious meal hung-over sort of killed it for me. At least for that day. I couldn't even finish it. What a waste. Either way, the Halfway House sorta knew what they were doing, minus the TERRIBLE service. But what else do you expect from simple country folk? Besides incest and incest.

Gravity: A Reality Check

So the day after Christmas, my buddy Tommy and I went skateboarding to get our sweat on a bit and bend our rusty joints. We drove to a few places, including a small elementary school in LA somewhere. We only skated for about 45 minutes. During the 'session', Tommy found a table top (with no legs) and put it down a widened out 3-stair. It was the length of about a 6-stair.
Tommy goes up, and ollies down the table with ease. Now it's my turn... mind you, Tommy is an agile 5'9" trooper. I, on the other hand, am a 6'0" tall, clumsy ex-athlete skater who doesn't want to let go of things that once were. Call me a dreamer. ANYWAY, so I go for the ollie to table top gap... landing in a sort of manual (back two wheels only), then lean forward to catch myself, and wouldn't you know it.. the incline on the table makes me nose dive with my board, making me FLY about 4 feet, until i caught myself with my: shoulder, wrists/palms of my hands, hip and leg. I'm pretty sure i fractured my fibula, and sprained my wrist. I <3 Skateboarding.

It Wasn't Me...

Olivia Munn = Yum.

Ode to Beautiful Women

Being an LA resident is quite the treat. You get to see all sorts of natures creatures. But nothing is better than minding your own business and seeing and/or bumping into a beautiful woman. Sure, there are LOTS of pretty girls here and everywhere.. yeah yeah. But GOD DAMN! So many? Not enough in LA if you ask me... I would say that LA ranks in the top 10 of the world... even if it is #8 or #9 on the list.
I've been lucky enough to travel a bit.. and if I had to pick a place with the hottest girls (that I've been to) it would have to be a tie between Argentina and England. Obviously, I haven't been everywhere (yet) so I can't comment on most other places. If you want a keeper, you might need to venture outside the states for a 10. A real 10. (sorry ladies). Best bet? Besides Argentina... try Italy or Spain. Actually, anywhere in western Europe should have enough eye candy for you to never want to come home. Trust me, it's happened more than once for me already. Final thought: I just want to thank whatever divine power created such a graceful (and bitchy) creature for us to oogle at. yummm.

Just a Thought... on Celebrity Gossip

Has anyone ever stopped to think about how many bloggers/personalities are all about celeb gossip? I know they're rich, and have more access to cool things, (i.e. celeb parties, cars, fancy trips, etc...), but when did the entire world start caring so much about random rich people? Thanks to fatty Perez and the whole sub-culture that is TMZ, all the kids do now a days is check stupid bullshit on celebs who do stupid shit. I'm no different. But why? Why is everyone so fascinated with someone else's life, who they only know through a TV or a silver screen. The answer? Who knows. It might just remain a mystery of the world until more people get a life, (myself included). Is celebrity gossip really as good as it gets when it comes to entertaining our tiny pea brains?
Like i said, it's just a thought. Now back to checking up on who's vagina is making an appearance on the red carpet next.

P.S. I hope nobody gets me wrong. I love all the juice as much as you do. I'm just disappointed in the human race. Cheers.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I need to take more pictures..

If I think I'm going to start blogging, (about anything in general), I've got to start taking more pictures. And that doesn't mean with my phone. I mean some decent, stop-to-take-in-the-beauty kind of pics. Also, being new to the blogging world, makes it difficult for me to know what I should/need to do in order to make this experience better for you and for me.