Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where the FUCK have I been?

Most people seem to be asking themselves the same question...,"Where has John been?"
For those who haven't been asking, but are curious, I'll fill you in...

Since my last post, on June 3rd, 2010, I've moved back to the states to make some "dollars" so I can eventually go back to Argentina. And so far, it's not going so well...

I've been back for about a month and a half and am slowly realizing that the U.S. economy sucks big donkey balls. Seriously?? How can it be worse here than in developing, 3rd world countries???

WTF is going on in this world? How is it I'm able to get jobs over seas and I can't get a fucking pizza delivery job here? Really? Fuck you economy, you're ruining my swagger.

But on a good note, I also came back engaged, which is completely crazy, if you know me at all, but is cool at the same time. Baby-boo should be here in 4 months, due to visa politics.

I'm just gonna go ahead and post some pics now. Thanks.

Gold dusted iphone?

São Caetano do Sul, Sampa City, Brazil
This is called a Brazuca (Mortadela, cheese, lettuce, and God knows what else).
Graffitti in Sampa City, not exactly sure where, but i like it.
Rua Capivari
some Favela in Sampa City
Cibratel en Itanhaen, Sampa City


  1. me encaaaaanto morzi.. haha espero q no en 4 pero si en 3, 2 meses :) amo vc.
    y tranquilo velho gostoso q jaja vc consegue um trabalho en esa Fucking City heeeeein.. bejus