Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life in Buenos Aires

Alright... So, I know I haven't written ANYTHING since February 5th, so I've decided to write something of meaning this time. Since my last post, I've moved to my mother land: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Not sure how many of you know this, but I was born here (Argentina) and moved to the states when I was a pup. I've been going back and forth over the years visiting my family in both places. I moved to BA in 2008 after a failed move to NY. Now I'm trying it out again. And this time, it's going a lot better than before.

Between going out like crazy and playing futbol (soccer) more often then not, it's been a blast.

I got a J-O-B at this sick NEW bar in San Telmo (one of the touristic hot spots), and have been making connections and re-connecting with old friends from the area.

All I can say is I'm a lot happier than I've been in a while and I hope things continue to move up for me and my loved ones.

Here are some pictures I've accumulated since I've been back in town:

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  1. This literally looks like one of picasso's line drawings.